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Logistics and Distribution Management
Stock Management , Forecasting and Demand Planning
Sourcing and Purchasing Management  Techniques
Developing Purchasing Policies, Process & Service Level Agreements
Leading & Managing Vendor Relations
Supply Chain Operations: Principles for Continuity & Sustainability
Digital Warehousing Methods and Practices
Sustainable Procurement and warehouse management

June Week 3  (17th    -  21st June)
Fundamentals of Inventory Management
Introduction to Store Operations
Inventory Control Techniques
Warehouse Management Fundamentals

June Week 4 (24th – 28th June)
Introduction to Public Procurement
Procurement Regulations and Compliance
Public Procurement Ethics and Accountability
Effective Procurement Document Preparation
Supplier Selection and Evaluation in Public Procurement
Contract Management and Administration
Procurement and Budgeting in Government
Negotiation and Contracting Skills for Public Officers
Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Relationship Management

July Week 1    (1st  - 5th July)
Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector
Strategic Procurement Management in the Public Sector
Leadership in Public Procurement
Procurement Performance Metrics and KPIs
Risk Management in Government Procurement
Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Procurement
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Public Procurement
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Value for Money (VfM) in Procurement
International Procurement and Trade Agreements
Procurement Audit and Compliance Oversight
Procurement Transformation and Innovation in Government
Retail Store Inventory Management
Supply Chain and Inventory Optimization
Advanced Inventory Management Strategies
Inventory Analytics and Data-driven Decision Making
Inventory Management for Small Businesses
Inventory Management for E-commerce Business
Strategic Procurement and Inventory Management
Inventory Forecasting and Demand Planning
Lean Inventory Management
Inventory Management for Manufacturing
Inventory Management Software Training

July Week 2 (8th  -   12th  July)
Inventory Auditing and Compliance
International Supply Chain and Inventory Management
Strategic Inventory Management for Operations Managers
Inventory Management for Retail Managers
Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations
Sustainable Procurement and Warehouse Management