Lifestyle, Happiness, Productivity and Life Issues Sessions

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May Week 1 Programs
Appraise, repackage and rejig your business model for productivity
Essentials of Performance Improvement and Productivity Program
Productivity for Sales and Marketing Managers Training
Productivity with Visioning, Critical Thinking and Innovation for Managers Course
Effective Productivity and Performance Improvement for Managers
Advanced Productivity and Performance Improvement Forum For Directors and Leaders Course
Strength -Based Approach to Productivity and Happiness Course
Productivity for HR Practitioners and Managers
Fundamentals of Product Management
Fundamental of Product Marketing
Product management mastery Training
Productivity for Sales & Marketing Directors
Productivity for Finance Directors
Productivity for Human Resource Directors
Strategic Product Development Improvement and Exploratory Marketing

May Week 2
Productivity for General Managers
Beyond overwhelm Productivity for Owner Managers
Emerging Managers Productivity class
Productivity for Line Managers
Productivity with Emotional Intelligence
Productivity in Customer Experience Management
Productivity with Career progression
Productive Teaming with business Focus
Productive Negotiator Leader
Productive Marketing and Brand Manager
Productive Business Developer with Impact
Mindfulness, for positive personal transfomation

May Week 3
Transition to Entrepreneurship
Quantum Business Growth Masterclass
Lifestyle Business Owner
Discover your Values and craft a crystal clear personal life vision
Career guidance
Achieving goals
Overcoming burnout
Overcoming mental barriers

May Week 4
Guilt free Transition to Dream Life
Personal Branding
Intuitive Employee Entrepreneur
Self-Aware Business Owner
Well Prepared Business Owner
Entrepreneurship in Action
Maintaining the Entrepreneurial spirit
Developing my business and entrepreneurial acumen
My Personality, My Business Launch Match-make Forum Free Class
Business Success Forum