July, August and September Courses


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July Week 1    (1st  - 5th July)

Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector
Strategic Procurement Management in the Public Sector
Leadership in Public Procurement
Procurement Performance Metrics and KPIs
Risk Management in Government Procurement
Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Procurement
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Public Procurement
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Value for Money (VfM) in Procurement
International Procurement and Trade Agreements
Procurement Audit and Compliance Oversight
Procurement Transformation and Innovation in Government
Retail Store Inventory Management
Supply Chain and Inventory Optimization
Advanced Inventory Management Strategies
Inventory Analytics and Data-driven Decision Making
Inventory Management for Small Businesses
Inventory Management for E-commerce
Strategic Procurement and Inventory Management
Inventory Forecasting and Demand Planning
Lean Inventory Management
Inventory Management for Manufacturing
Inventory Management Software Training

July Week 2 (8th  -   12th  July)
Inventory Auditing and Compliance
International Supply Chain and Inventory Management
Strategic Inventory Management for Operations Managers
Inventory Management for Retail Managers
Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations
Sustainable Procurement and Warehouse Management
Middle-level public sector officers Courses in Accounting and finance
Intermediate Public Finance and Budgeting
Financial Management for Government Agencies
Government Accounting and Reporting Standards
Cost Accounting for Public Sector
Public Sector Financial Analysis
Internal Controls and Audit in Government
Government Grants and Funds Management
Public Procurement and Contract Management
Public Debt Management
Taxation and Revenue Collection in the Public Sector
Performance Measurement and Management in Government
Financial Planning and Forecasting for Public Agencies
Ethics and Accountability in Public Finance
Financial Risk Management in Government
Government Financial Systems and Technology

July Week 3 ( 15th    -   19th July )
Financial Decision-Making for Public Administrators
Government Financial Compliance and Regulation
Leadership in Public Finance
Public Sector Financial Reporting and Analysis
Strategic Financial Management for Public Organizations
Information Technology Courses
For Officers:
Introduction to Government IT Systems
IT Service Desk Essentials
Cyber security Basics for Public Sector IT
Data Privacy and Compliance for Government IT
Network Administration for Government Agencies
Government Software Licensing and Asset Management
Project Management for Public Sector IT Projects
E-Government and Digital Services
Government Cloud Computing and Data Centers
IT Procurement and Vendor Management in the Public Sector
Information Technology Courses
For Managers:
Strategic IT Planning in the Public Sector
Governance and Policy Development for Government IT
Leadership and Change Management in Public Sector IT
IT Security and Risk Management for Government
Big Data and Analytics for Public Sector Decision-Making

July Week 4    ( 22nd  - 26th July)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems in Government
Digital Transformation in the Public Sector
IT Project Portfolio Management
IT Budgeting and Financial Management in Government
Public Sector IT Audit and Compliance
Public Sector Administration and Secretarial Courses
Administrative Procedures and Office Management
Effective Communication Skills for Public Administrators
Records Management and Information Retrieval
Time Management and Productivity for Public Servants
Ethics and Accountability in Public Administration
Customer Service in the Public Sector
Public Policy and Government Decision-Making
Conflict Resolution and Mediation for Public Officers
Introduction to Government Regulations and Compliance
Government Procurement and Contract Management
For Managers:
Strategic Leadership in Public Administration
Policy Analysis and Implementation in Government
Public Sector Budgeting and Financial Management

August Weeks 1 & 2   (  1st    -    9th  July )
Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
Government Ethics and Compliance Oversight
Change Management and Innovation in Government
Project Management for Public Administrators
Performance Evaluation and Management in Public Service
Legal and Regulatory Issues in Public Administration
Strategic Planning and Decision-Making in Government

Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Sector Leadership
Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement in Government
Effective Program Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Managers
Data Collection and Analysis for Public Sector Decision-Making
M&E Frameworks and Systems in Government
Results-Based Management and Accountability in the Public Sector
Impact Assessment and Outcome Evaluation for Government Programs
Managing M&E Teams and Resources
Evaluating Policy Implementation and Impact
Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Financial Management
Using Technology for Data Collection and Reporting in Government
M&E of public Projects
Capacity Building in M&E for Government Leaders
Strategic Communication for M&E
Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement

August Week 3  (19th   -  23rd August)
Performance Auditing and Quality Assurance in Government M&E
Ethical Considerations in Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Leaders
M&E for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Risk Management and Contingency Planning in M&E
Monitoring and Evaluation in International
Development and Aid Programs
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of M&E in the Public Sector
Leadership and Change Management in the Context of M&E

Effective Media Relations - Enhancing skills in dealing with the media, managing interviews, and shaping public perception.
Strategic Communication Planning - Developing and executing comprehensive communication strategies for government agencies.
Crisis Communication and Management - Training on handling and communicating during crises and emergencies.
Social Media Management for Government - Understanding the role of social media in public communication and mastering social media strategies.
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills - Improving the ability to convey information confidently and persuasively.
Writing for Government: Press Releases and Reports - Developing skills in crafting press releases, reports, and official documents.
Government Branding and Image Building - Building and managing a positive image for government agencies.
Stakeholder Engagement and Public Consultation - Strategies for engaging with the public and stakeholders effectively.
Digital Marketing for Public Officers - Exploring online advertising, email campaigns, and SEO for government communication.
Ethics in Public Relations - Understanding and adhering to ethical standards in public communication.
Public Records Management and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - Ensuring compliance with record-keeping regulations and managing FOIA requests.
Data Analytics for Decision-Making - Utilizing data to make informed decisions in public communication and policy.
International Communication and Diplomacy - Training on handling international relations and communication.

August Week 4 ( 26th – 30th August)
Public Affairs and Government Lobbying - Understanding the role of lobbying and advocacy in government communication.
Interpersonal Communication Skills - Enhancing communication within the department and with colleagues and superiors.
Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity in Communication - Promoting inclusivity and sensitivity in communication.
Media Ethics and Responsibility - Navigating the ethical challenges in media interaction.
Budgeting for Communication Departments - Managing finances and resources for communication initiatives.
Online Security and Data Privacy - Ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive government information in the digital age.
Storytelling for Government Officials - Crafting compelling narratives to engage the public and stakeholders.

September Week 1 ( 2nd – 6th  September)
Career development and management
Problem Solving Skill Acquisition
Creative Problem Solving and
Decision Making Course
Effective Self Awareness, Self-Management
and Control Training
Creativity and Innovation Management
Result Oriented Teaming
Productivity by Stress and
Time Management
Agile Leadership: Crisis and
Emergency Management
emerging leader program
Essential Management Skills for
Emerging Leaders Course
Stress and Time Management
Effective Interpersonal Skills
Winning Negotiation Skills
Development training
Influential Managerial Ethics
Phenomenon Productivity for executives
Advanced Negotiation for managers
Leading with emotional intelligence
Collaboration up-down and Across Training
Confident Leader with the heart
Developing & Motivating Staff
Linking strategy to goals

September Week 2 (9th  – 13th Sept)
Visioning  and Motivation towards goals
Line Management Effectiveness Skills
Ethics At Work
Coaching, Mentoring and Role
Modelling Training
Mentoring Management
Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
Developing the Management
and Staff Organizational Learning
and Development Capacity Training
Middle Management Development :
Stepping in to Leadership Course
Building Service Excellence Culture Training
Effective Service Leadership for
Senior Level Managers Course
Strategic Crisis Management Training
Work Ethics and Organisational
Productivity Course
The 360° Leader: Emotional Intelligence
in Leadership Excellence Course
Change Leadership Development Training
Lead Change Training
Executing your plan Effectively
by follow through
Developmental Coaching for
New Business Managers
Effective relationship building with leaders
Positive Influence and Collaboration
Powerbase Development  to earn
the trust and confidence of your people
Engage and mobilize Employees

September Week 3 ( 16th  – 20th (Sept)
Develop and Execute a Strategic Plan
Correct a Behavioural  Blind Spot
Creating crystal clear vision
Giving and Getting Collaboration
Time & Priority Management for Personal Effectiveness
Stress and Time Management
Mentoring Program for Succession
Coaching Management Program
Succession Planning & Management
Time Management For Personal Effectiveness
Managing the Learning and Development Functional Responsibilities Training
Train the Trainer Class
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines (Achieving Results through Task Management) Course
Inspiring Role Modelling Class
Personal rebranding Sessions
Creating Work Life Balance for success
Work Life Balance Workshop
Creating Personal Leadership and Influence
Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
Leading with emotional intelligence
Building a Successful Career

September Week 4 (23rd  – 27th Sept)
Impactful presentation that get Business
Orchestrating Change & Change Management
Handling Politics In Your Team
Handling Difficult People
Creating & Building Reputation
Pre-Retirement Program for success
Agile Leadership: Crisis and Emergency Management Course
Leadership by Reverse Coaching and Role Modelling Course
High Impact Internal Audit Leadership
Authentic Leadership Training
Forming An Effective Team
Coach The Coach Manager
Life  After Service  Workshop
Assertiveness without Offence Class
Creative Leadership & Innovative Thinking
Corporate Governance: Principle, Policies & Best Practices
Overcoming Personal Prejudices and Limitations Release Refresh and Fly Course
Visioning and Planning for Business Development Training
Accelerated Success Toolkit Workshop for People leading New Roles and New Projects Course
Proactive Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving Skill Acquisition Training
Employee Engagement: Strategy & Practice